If you have a car that has made a permanent residence inside your garage, it is no different from a non-performing asset. Remaining in a corner, it has nothing better to do than gather dust. When searching for available options, you will find a practical solution: sell the non-running car as scrap.

How is Scrapping Your Car Useful?

New-age car buyers predominantly depend on newer models. The trend of purchasing a second-hand car with necessary improvements is declining. Car owners are not interested in spending much money to restore non-running cars, either. Therefore, you have no option but to sell the dilapidated vehicles as salvage.

Contact a Trusted Scrap Dealer:

Before contacting a prominent scrap car in Worthing, it is important to assess the vehicle’s actual value. You might contact multiple scrap dealers for a better price. However, it will be practical to look for someone who can provide the best price against your non-performing car. Selling it as a scrap can be more profitable than giving it away at a nominal price to any garage or car dealer.

Even after becoming non-runners or non-performers, the scrap vehicles hold some value as scrap. The dealers typically get a minimum value against the raw materials used in the car body and engine. Plastics, fabrics and metals can also help fetch a commendable amount.

Selling a non-performing car to a car enthusiast or a garage may not be the perfect solution for many reasons:

  • They would expect a much-reduced value for your car
  • The quoted amount will be much less than their margin of profit
  • They will incur a lot of costs to restore and make the vehicle run again

After viewing all these cost factors, selling a non-performing vehicle as scrap is much more effective. It may cost you a small amount to transport the vehicle, but it will ultimately be profitable.

Now that you know the main things to note while selling a car as scrap, the procedure will seem easier. To get the right value against your inactive vehicle, you must collaborate with a trustworthy dealer. Get in touch with Brighton Vehicle Recycling, a leading name for scrapping my car. We can dispose of your dilapidated vehicle as scrap and provide you with the right value. You can learn more about our service by browsing our website.