The scrapping process is difficult if you have never scraped your car. What documents do you need for car scrapping? Does the car need to be road-worthy for scrapping? What personal documents and identification do you need for this? 

If you are wondering about the procedures regarding scrap my car in Horsham or any other nearby locations, here, in this blog, you will find the process in detail. 

For every car scrapping, you need to have a log book, also called the log book or V5C. It is the document that states the vehicle’s registered owner and serves as the vehicle registration document with DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The V5C has all the required information about the vehicle, like the manufacturer’s details, colour and engine size. 

Can You Scrap The Car Without The V5C Document?

Yes, you can scrape your car without needing a book. Legally, there is no such document requirement for scrapping the vehicle. However, it is good to know that some car scrap dealers have a policy to only accept cars from those who cannot provide the documents. If someone needs the logbook when they come to scrape their car, it will not affect the quote. But it will save time and make the process smooth. 

How do you scrape the vehicle without the logbook?

If you do not have the log book, you need to notify the DVLA that you are scrapping your vehicle by writing a document that show-

  • Your vehicle has been sold or been scrapped
  • Details of the sale that include when it is sold and to which dealer
  • Your car’s parts and models and registration of the vehicle
  • The personal contact details

Why is having a log book good?

When selling a vehicle to a reliable scrapyard, you must have the V5C logbook. It is mainly for a few reasons. It states that you are the car’s legal owner, log the new car’s details and reduce crime and theft. However, some people need the logbook, so they must provide proof of identity to the scrap dealer. 

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